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Productive Idea -competition

Submit the idea 1.3.-15.4.2022!


The roots of the Productive Idea competition stem from Turku Junior Chamber that organized the competition regionally in the South West Finland in 1977. The idea for the competition originated from Senators Keija Ketonen, Ilpo Siro and Pekka Ström as well as former members Tapio Peltonen and Rauno Virtanen. Arisuo Ltd (currently Turvanasta Ltd), with its Aris sleeve stud, was the winner of the first competition. The competition became national already the next year. The aim of the competition, from the beginning, has been to promote the appreciation of entrepreneurship and to demonstrate the role as well as importance of innovation for healthy economic growth and in the positive development of our standard of living. The original aim of the competition is at least as topical now as it was in 1977.

Any idea related to a product, service, production method, business idea, or other business promotion measure may participate in the competition. The idea itself should be up to three years old and already in productive use. There are three series: a business series that is open to everyone, a societal series intended for the public side, and a Start-Up series that is aimed at the Start-Up genre. Ideas in their productisation phase are also accepted in the Start-Up series.

Competition schedule for 2022

Applications may be submitted between 1.3.-15.4.2022 to: http://www.tuottavaidea.fi/hakemus/ 

Finland is divided into four different regions and companies that submit an application will first participate in a regional competition. The regional winners (from each of the three series) will also participate in a national competition, for which the winners will be selected by a separate jury for each series. The national winner will be announced at the award ceremony on October 19th.


For more information, please contact:

Region A 
Tiitus Unhola

Region B
Susanna Issakainen

Region C
Päivi Tiura-Paavola

Region D
Emilia Hakola